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About Vism

Vism strives to foster a sustainable culture of service among university students by connecting them with non-profits that need skilled volunteers. Students develop their professional skills and gain real-world experience, while non-profits and high-achieving talent increase their social impact.

Our Focus

Vism is a future-oriented social enterprise that focuses on

  • Commitment to Service

    For Students

  • Future Success

    For Students

  • Capacity & Effectivness

    For Non-profits

For Students

Give Back

Connect with organizations that share your values and help make a difference in the world

Develop Professional Skills

Discover unique projects that align with your passions and build your skill set and personal brand

Take Control

Apply your knowledge in the real world

For Charities

Save Resources

Leverage the skillsets of your student volunteers

Discover New Talent

Connect with students passionate about your cause

Share Your Cause

Promote your organization's visions to university students everywhere

Help Us Learn

We're looking for university students and non-profits/socially-minded organizations to become a part of our movement. We would love to hear feedback from you!

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We will get back to you as soon as we can! We promise !

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